Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Retouch Lips

This tutorial will show you how to retouch lovely, luscious lips.

I'll be focusing on the lips, manipulating effects and layers to recolor, and add gloss and liner to the lips.

The image I will be working on is from Editable Photos


Lip Recolor:

Blue lips are a little odd, no? I think a mauve shade would fit this image a bit better. 

1. Lets create a new layer, and fill in the lips with a pink color.

2. Play around with the opacity levels and blending modes.

I set my my layer to the Color mode, although the Overlay mode also produced interesting results. I also erased any pink that was on the teeth

This created the following image. I like the pink lips better than I did the blue ones, but this still isn't the color I'm looking for.

3. Create a new layer with a darker color than the first. I created a purple layer, and set the blending mode to Hard Light

4. Go into the effects>blending mode, and uncheck the box that says G. This will make all of the highlights on the lips a gold tint, instead of a white tint.

When you add a Gaussian blur, you get the following:

It's a nice golden-peachy shade, but still not quite what I'm looking for.

5. Create a new layer, and fill the lips in with the same darker color. Set the layer to the Color Burn blending mode at 50% opacity, and move it under the initial pink color layer. You can make the color lighter or darker by adjusting the opacity of the Color Burn layer.

After a little bit of cleanup, you get a nice, mauve color with gold highlights. Perfect.

Lip Gloss and Line:

Ok, back to the original image with the blue lips (it makes the effects that I'm showing pop more).

We're going to be using layer effects to add gloss and liner to the lips

1. Color in the lips with your closest approximation of the original color

2. Set the layer to hue (or, any other blending mode that looks good)

3. Go into effects and add the satin effect to the lip color layer

4. Set the color to white and play around with the blending mode, opacity, size/distance. Set the angle to the direction of the light. Generally, the normal, color dodge, or overlay modes are good for adding shine to lips.

5. To line the lips, add the stroke effect. Play around with the colors, opacity, and blending mode until you find one you like


6. To get rid of the blue on the tongue, add a divide layer on top of the lip color layer, and color the tongue area with the original color.

Final result after cleanup:

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